Lien Evaluation

First American Mortgage Solutions proudly introduces LienSmart™—a proprietary algorithm that leverages First American property data, lender-provided servicing data, and third-party data to evaluate lien position for loans in your portfolio.

Open Lien Information for Enhanced Account
Management Strategies

LienSmart is available via a match and append service, providing public record data for liens found associated to the property. LienSmart assigns a confidence rating derived from First American’s ability to match lien information with U.S. property record data, a servicing file and third-party data sources.

  • Proactively address portfolio attrition
  • Develop a clear picture of HELOC end-of-draw exposure
  • Identify other encumbrances owed against a property
  • Monitor lien position to identify other loans that may present higher exposure for losses
  • Define pre-emptive collection strategies for higher risk portfolio segments
  • Use property level lien position as part of secondary market pricing or purchase decisions
  • Utilize the LienSmart confidence rating to segment your portfolio and determine priorities for future campaigns

The Confidence Rating for Lien Position Process

  • Evaluate current lien position by using existing lender servicing data and combining it with property data1
  • Confidence rating provides insight into the depth and quality of the data available to match open liens
  • Provides access to the nation’s largest repository of 5.5+ billion land records for a comprehensive view of property encumbrances

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1 LienSmart does not conduct any review of the content of the lien; or verify the veracity of the lien.